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A "Mileage Club" For Cannabis Rewards!

The RXChange Reward System Will Provide Cannabis Patients With Predictable Rewards Across A Network Of Dispensaries

How it Works

SHOP at a dispensary that is partnered with NextRX

EARN RXChange rewards for every purchase

REDEEM your RXChange for product at any subscribing dispensary


Why It Matters

Every RXChange Point Has A Guaranteed Value

Dispensaries are INCREDIBLY unpredictable with your money, frequently changing how much your reward points can get you on any given day. With RXChange, 1 RXChange Point = $0.01 USD. Period.

RXChange Is Redeemable At ANY Subscribing Dispensary

If a dispensary has a loyalty program, you can only redeem your rewards in that particular store. With RXChange, you can use your reward points at ANY of our subscribing dispensaries regardless of where you got them (just like airline mileage programs!)


How You Can Help

Order Now
Stainless Steel Limited Edition RXChange Medallion

Why Trust RXChange?

RXChange Is Backed By Cold, Hard Cash

When you purchase a medallion for $100, $50 are automatically used to fund the RXChange Points while the other $50 go toward making sure we get the digital check-in systems and subscribing dispensaries ready to go live in 2019. 

This makes the RXChange Token extremely stable and unlike many other virtual currencies it is backed directly by U.S. Dollars.

Your Contribution Funds A Vision To Change the Cannabis Industry

NextRX plans to modernize dispensaries with more than just reward points. Once our software is deployed in 2019, our system's offerings will include:

Real, Cash Backed Cannabis Reward Points: Redeemable in multiple locations!

Fast, Paperless First Time Patient Registration: With your private information secured safely online

Convenient One-Scan Return Patient Check-In: No need to show your paper recommendation

So What Are You Waiting For???

Orders are coming in fast, so purchase your medallion today before they're all gone!